Cardiovascular Risk in a Post-COVID World

Richard Hobbs, Oxford, discusses cardiovascular risk management in a post-COVID world in this pre-recorded webinar, which has been hosted and developed by Viatris.


Richard Hobbs

Richard Hobbs is Nuffield Professor of Primary Care at the University of Oxford, Head of the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, and Director of the Institute for Applied Digital Health.

He is also Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Oxford, sits on the University governing body and is a University Trustee.




Speaker: Richard Hobbs, CBE, FMedSci, FRCP, FRCGP, FRCPE, FESC, MA

Title of the session: Cardiovascular Risk in a Post-COVID World


  1. Underline the need for cardiovascular risk prevention and management
  2. Cardiovascular risk identification & stratification
  3. Cardiovascular risk management from lifestyle to pharmaceutical interventions including hypertension and lipid management


  • What has changed1
    • 4 new risk regions in Europe
    • New risk algorithms
    • Behaviour changes prominent, and new lifetime benefit tools for use with patients
    • Same intensive targets, but incremental if problematic to deliver
    • Recommended therapies unchanged but higher ranked evidence for GLP1 and SGLT2 cardio-protection in diabetes
    • Public health population initiatives now highlighted
  • What has not changed1
    • Lipid-lowering therapy
      • LDL-C remains principal target
      • Goals unchanged from 2019 guidelines
        • Adapted to patient’s risk
        • Include ≥50% ↓ from baseline for some patients
      • Statins remain first-line therapy
        • Titrate to maximum dose before adding non statin
      • Addition of non-statins for selected patients
  • BP control
    • Initial goal − BP <140/80 mmHg
      • Unchanged from 2018 guidelines
      • Subsequent goals adapted to age and comorbidities
    • Initiate therapy combination of two drug classes in most patients
      • Preferably as single pill combination
      • Preferred combinations include RAS blocker + CCB or diuretic
    • Initiate single drug class pill for elderly and Stage 1 HTN patients

CVD, Cardiovascular Disease; SGLT 2, Sodium Glucose Co-transporter 2; GLP, Glucagon-like Peptide 1; LDL- C, Low density lipoprotein-Cholesterol; BP, Blood Pressure;
CCB, Calcium Channel Blockers; RAS, Renin Angiotensin System; HTN, Hypertension


  1. Visseren FLJ, Mach F, Smulders YM, et al. ESC Guidelines on cardiovascular disease prevention in clinical practice. Eur Heart J. 2021;42(34):3227-3337.